Beverage Dispenser JDM 4

Beverage dispenser JDM 4



4 x 3 litre drink cartons can be placed in this model (large cartons e.g. 10 litre can be placed in the base cabinet) and cooled water is also available (still or optionally with CO2). Clear and transparent technology, quick and simple cleaning, logical programming, rapid replacement of product labels through ESI (easy slide in).


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JDM 4 - Features

  • Design & Function – that‘s what distinguishes our dispensers! With 4 drink selection options plus cooled water and the option to add CO2 to all drinks (can be programmed as a pre-selection or as a direct choice). The high dispensing area and the glass/cup pedestal enables versatile use for selfservice or for carafes for service personnel. An extra carafe button (also as key switch) prevents incorrect operation and the LED-illuminated dispensing area illuminates the glass in cool blue light.

  • Ideal for fitness centres and wellness areas! Cups, glasses and sports bottles up to H = 280 mm.

  • All drinks also available with carbonation function.

  • With fully automatic glass/cup sensor.

  • Integrated display for customer info and bookkeeping functions as well as the optional coin validator and coin changer attachment (also cash-less).

  • The high quality components are all powder coated or made from stainless steel. 
    This guarantees a perfect appearance, long-term durability and a long service life.