New model JDM SLIM 2 BIB

Even less space & even more performance

Our new drink dispenser model combines the advantages of the classic all-rounder JDM 2 and the JDM SLIM 2 and thus, offers a perfect all-in-one solution for many needs such as breakfast buffets, wellness areas, kiosks, canteens, hairdressers, workshops and much more....

In detail the JDM SLIM 2 BIB provides you with the following:

  • 2 drink selection buttons + chilled water
  • Bag-in-box concentrate cartons are stored directly in the machine under the cover (space for two 3 or 5l bag-in-box)
  • 1 central drink exit with LED lighting (hygienic tempered glass tube)
  • Automatic cleaning and increased hygiene through airtight seal of concentrates
  • Fully electronic control of concentrate dosage and output quantities
  • Reliable and made-to-last – premium materials, robust surface
  • Ese of use – easy refilling, programming, service and cleaning
  • Perfect mixing result through patented MidMix®-system
  • LED display

...different models available


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