is the "MOST WANTED" drink dispenser, because...

...it is suitable for direct juice, premix as well as postmix!                                                                                          


The user can choose between pure or sparkling and different dispensing quantities. The quantities are easily programmable (e.g. 1/8; 1/4; 1/2, etc.) and each selection can be programmed with its own prices.
Comprehensive product and manufacturer information at the simple press of the "INFO" button - here a good level of trust in the manufacturer and product can be communicated with the customer. Standby videos and photos are easily exchangeable via USB stick.

FULL-TOUCH operation, output height adjustable (option: FIX with adjustable glass platform) and payment systems (optional) such as coin changer or cashless, credit cards, SmartPhone-Pay, etc. with all the advantages of FRUCTOMAT!

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